Courses Taught at Elon University

Masters of Higher Ed

  • MHE 645: Student Engagement and High Impact Practices
  • Supervisor, MHE Graduate Apprentice for the Center for Engaged Learning

Professional Writing and Rhetoric

  • ENG 215: Introduction to Professional Writing and Rhetoric (with Client-Based Projects)
  • ENG 217: Writing Technologies
  • ENG 282: Center for Undergraduate Publishing and Information Design (CUPID) Studio
  • ENG 304: Understanding Rhetoric (with Reacting to the Past pedagogy)
  • ENG 313: Special Topics in PWR – Writing, Rhetoric and Civic Action
  • ENG 319: Writing Center Workshop
  • ENG 381: Writing Internship
  • ENG 415: Advanced CUPID Studio
  • PWR 497 / ENG 497: Researching Writing (Senior Seminar)
  • ENG 498: Honors Fellow Research Hours – Sarah Paterson’s Speak, Poet!: Examining multicultural rhetoric in adolescent spoken word
  • PWR 499 / ENG 499 Angela Myer’s rhetorical analysis of sexual violence prevention programs

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

  • ENG 206: Introduction to TESOL (service-learning designated)
  • ENG 270-OL: Teaching English Abroad
  • ENG 491: Independent Study
  • ENG 498: Honors Fellow Research Hours
    • Kim Lilienthal’s Critical thinking in mainstream classrooms: How higher-order questioning enhances second language acquisition
    • Emily Petersen’s Creating Space for ELLs to Place Curriculum Content in Personal Cultural Contexts: A Lesson Study on Identity Development in Elementary ESL Pull-Out Instruction
  • ENG 499: Undergraduate Research

First-Year Writing

  • ENG 110: College Writing
  • ENG 382: Teaching Internship

Other Courses

Study Abroad Students at Glencar Waterfall, Co. Leitrim, Ireland.

Photo caption: Study Abroad Students at Glencar Waterfall, Co. Leitrim, Ireland. Photo by JLM, 2007.

  • Elon 101
  • ECF 111: Paths of Inquiry
  • COE 310: Developing Portfolios
  • ENG 255: Memory, Representation, and the Holocaust
  • Study Abroad: Ireland: Literature, Culture, and History

Other Teaching Experience

At Purdue University, Jessie taught first-year writing (both mainstream and ESL sections), business writing (both mainstream and ESL sections), written communication for ESL graduate students, and a practicum in teaching introductory composition (graduate-level).

She also previously taught first-year writing at Vincennes University and college exploration and understanding community (problem-based research) classes for Upward Bound at the University of Wyoming.